BIM ialah Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) ialah proses integrasi maklumat daripada pelbagai disiplin yang ada didalam sesebuah projek.  So dgn ini semua profesional yang terlibat bolehlah explore the project digitally before it's build..DIGITALLY YER....

1st step nak start bim is all consultant must provide and submit their 3D drawing for the particular project so barulah boleh di integrasikan dalam satu database..First thing of course la Architect to provide the others with the building design..

Conventionally kita biasa guna Autodesk product call AutoCAD untuk produce whatever drawing in 2D.  Autodesk REVIT pulak diperlukan to produce 3D modeling.. Tp of cause ada few more product for 3D modeling kat luar tu..cuma Autodesk senang nak cerita cause dia provide 360 solution n lagi satu almaklumla saya dah terlibat with Autodesk sale..haha.

YES we still need 2D drawing for documentation..You don't have to worry since 2D drawing will be generate automatically from REVIT..So you akan spend less time in drawing and more time in design..

Sebut pasal benefit nie ada 2 je yang penting..

1. Cost Effective
2. Time Effective

Selain tu..because its 3D

1. Good presentation tools to impress client
2. Beter communication because we can visualize it
3. Any decission can be decide earlier
4. Can walk through and fly through the project
5. Good marketing material

This benefit only can be archive if you really follow the BIM process.

For integration of REVIT 3D's by consultants, Autodesk Naviswork is needed.  With Naviswork we can run through the building and perform clash analysis.

Clash anlysis between different dicipline is one of the beauty of having BIM..There is where the cost effective come..With this analysis any major decission can be make earlier..less RFI means less VO..Less VO mean less rework and of cause with this you can experience smooth project progress..

We can summary here that BIM is more than 3D..